Red Soil Cyprus Potatoes

Red Soil Potato Industry offer a wide range of their own products prepared to European standards from fresh, hand picked Cypriot potatoes. 


Other products we import deep frozen from Germany and Belgium to offer all the latest in convenience to your home, hotel or restaurant.


High quality, low prices – Red Soil!

Red Soil Cyprus Potatoes

Fresh Potatoes and Vegetables

(In 5kg Packs)



Potato Balls

Potato Cubes (1cm square)

Potato Cubes (2cm square)

Halved potatoes for roasting

Quartered potatoes for roasting

Sliced Potatoes (4mm)

Sliced Potatoes (10mm)

Sliced Cabbage


Finely Chopped Garlic – (0.5 Kg)

Finely Chopped Parsley – (1kg)

Jacket Potatoes – (20kg)


Deep Frozen Potato Products (4x2.5kg)

Country of Origin – Germany


Potato Chips 7mm

Potato Chips 10mm

Potato Chips 14mm

Potato Chips – Steak House Cut

Potato Chips 10mm – Crinkle Cut

Potato Duchess

Potato Croquettes

Hash Browns (Rostiko)

Potato Wedges with Skin

Spicy Potato Wedges with Skin

Deep Frozen Vegetables (4x2.5kg)

Country of Origin – Belgium  


Mixed Vegetables

Carrots Parisian

Diced Carrot

Baby Carrots

Red Peppers

Green Peppers

Cauliflower florets

Chinese Vegetable Mix

Brussels Sprouts




Sweet Corn

Corn on the Cob

Spinach Portions 50g

Beans (Fassolaki)


Baby Corn – 10x1kg

Asparagus - 10x1kg

Battered Onion Rings – 9x1kg


Other Products


Red Soil Biftekia (Cyprus Hamburgers) – 5kg


Cyprus Olives - 8kg Package

Black Olives (Manz/Lo-Lar 231/250)

Black Olives (Jumbo 181/200)

Black Olives (Stoned)

Black Olives (Stoned and Sliced)

Black Olives (Cyprus Olives)

Black Olives (Pureed)

Black Olives (Kalamata style)

Green Olives “Tsakistes”

Green Olives (Cyprus Olives)

Green Olives (Stoned and Sliced)


Stuffed Olives – 3kg


Vegetable Oils


Red Soil Rapeseed Oil – 16 liters

Red Soil Soya Oil - 16 liters

Salad Oil - 4 liters

Olive Oil - 4 liters

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