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ISO 9001 - HACCP

Red Soil Potato Industries has been operating since 1991, growing and processing the high quality potatoes that the “Red Soil Villages” (Kokkina Horia) of eastern Cyprus produce.

Based in a dedicated facility in Frenaros, Red Soil Potato Industries has been processing and exporting quality product to Greece, Croatia and the Canary Islands since Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004. 

This as well as the Cyprus home market, where the local hotels and restaurants use Red Soil products extensively – both for good prices and for great quality.

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Frenaros is in the south-east of Cyprus, a small village of about 4000 people. It is in one of the most green and fertile areas of Cyprus where the soil is a deep red/brown colour.  Because of the warm, Mediterranean climate even in the winter you can grow crops here.
The name Frenaros (or Phrenaros) is from the many wells (in Greek “freatia”) which the village had, many years ago.  In fact all over the area you will see windmills used for pumping water from underground for irrigation even now.

Others say that the village got its name from the French monks who lived here 800 years ago - the “frere mineurs” (small brothers).