Red Soil Cyprus Potatoes

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Red Soil Cyprus Potatoes

In Cyprus, potatoes are grown in two seasons.

The spring (main) crop is planted between December and February and harvested from April to early June. Seed for this crop is generally imported and much of the harvest is exported.

A portion of the spring crop is reserved as seed for the fall or winter crop, planted in August/September and harvested in November/December.

ISO 9001 - HACCP

Cyprus has long been famous for the high quality of its potato crop.

Grown in the fertile red soil of eastern Cyprus, a selection of favoured types of potato are hand-picked to ensure a blemish free product and packed close to the fields themselves to ensure a fresh product.  Our growers are qualified and registered with EUREPGAP, and meet all relevant European Standards.


Fully compliant with ISO 9001 and HACCP, either our bulk potatoes for export or our potato products for home use are perfect for any kitchen...and any pocket!

Delicious Cyprus Potatoes

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